Study: chubby dudes more awesome in bed

Don’t put down the beer and Baconator, guys, if you want to be better at shagging.

The results of a year-long study at a Turkish university are in, and it appears that stockier men far outperform their more svelte counterparts when engaged in the subtle art of boning. The study contrasted 100 men who were suffering issues related to their sexual performance with 100 men who regularly stuck it to their ladies all night long. While skinny men are lucky to keep going for a scant 108 seconds, men with higher BMIs actually lasted an average of 7.3 minutes.

The reason, alas, is far less sexy-sounding than all night makeouts and banging- girly hormones apparently explain phenomenon:

Men with excess fat showed higher levels of the female estradiol sex hormone. This substance apparently disrupted their bodies’ natural “male” neurotransmitter chemicals and slowed their progression towards orgasm. Ironically, the less masculine their bodies appeared, the better lovers they proved to be.

So, boys, have you anecdotally noticed a connection between weight fluctuations and sexual stamina?