Monster Poisoned Meatballs To Harm Doggies In SF

poisoned meatballs warning

In San Francisco, poisoned meatballs possibly laced with strychnine were discovered over the weekend in the city’s Twin Peaks and Diamond Heights neighborhoods, sickening at least one dog and possibly others.

Who would leave poisoned meatballs for a trusting canine to eat? Police in California don’t know, but they’re seeking the individual or individuals who’d go to those lengths after the rat poison laced treats made 7-year-old dachshund Oskar very sick.

Oskar is expected to recover, but the potential of poisoned meatballs sickening or even killing other pups around San Fran has police urging dog owners to be careful and watch for the sabotaged dog bait possibly still lurking.

Oskar’s owner Dorothy Schechter said that after a walk (during which Oskar consumed something he encountered), he became violently ill and ultimately had to be placed in an induced coma.

Schechter explains that when they got home, Oskar began to have seizures and had to be rushed to the vet:

“The next thing we know, he started to seize and his back went up. I grabbed him and went to the vet.”

Dr. Carrie Jurney treated Oskar, discovering that the dachshund had eaten a poisoned meatball. She warned owners to be hyper-vigilant in the weeks to come, saying:

The most important thing this weekend is to keep your dog on a leash. We have a great off-leash dog community in San Francisco, but this weekend, with this going on, it’s not the time.

After Jurney discovered that poisoned meatballs had made the dog so ill, a subsequent search of the neighborhood revealed more of the potentially lethal snacks hidden all over, waiting for a curious and trusting pet to gobble them up.

Oskar is one of two or three dogs affected, and Jurney says his recovery isn’t over:

“We’re still optimistic… We just have to get over a few more humps, but he’s a fighter.”

Anyone with information about the poisoned meatballs is urged to contact police in San Francisco.