‘EVE Online’ Ambush Destroys $9,000 Starship

An EVE Online ambush destroyed a video game starship worth about $9,000!

EVE Online is a PC/OSX/Linux game with some pretty high stakes, it seems. The space-borne MMORPG allows gamers to engage in intergalactic combat and even respond to requests from PlayStation 3 gamers playing the free-to-play Dust 514 to release global attacks, the game’s equivalent of a nuclear weapon.

The story of EVE Online is that the Milky Way Galaxy was suffering from the exhausting use of natural resources, and a stargate allowed us to colonize a new galaxy by the name of New Eden. Then the EVE stargate collapsed and we ended up at war with each other over dwindling supplies once more.

In spite of recent hacks on the EVE Online servers, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, the subscriber base is still strong and the game is relevant enough to gamers to warrant the possession of starships costing incredible amounts of real-world money. Yes, the game uses credits connected to real-world currency, and even if you can’t exchange credits for real money, you can get other real-world items to enhance your gaming experience.

The incident happened when the biggest of these supercarriers was the target of an EVE Online ambush, possibly the largest of the sort in the game’s history. Now before you think “no fair,” remember that the point of the game is to buy a ship, then use and build it to destroy other ships. It seems the owner of the $9,000 starship could do nothing but watch in horror as years of work went up in digital flames.

The starship is known as the Revenant, and only three of the ships existed in the game’s universe, and the owner was a player known as TSID. We can safely assume that only two remain now, and the vessel involved had a real-world value that rivals some cars.

This isn’t the first major loss in the game’s history, as a previous EVE Online ambush cost another player a vessel carrying blueprints worth $6,000. It’s a war game, folks, and apparently an expensive one at that, if your ambitions are big enough.

What do you think of the EVE Online ambush that cost a player a $9,000 starship?