Vin Diesel In The Avengers? Rumors Swirl After Marvel Meeting

Is Vin Diesel joining The Avengers? Will he be starring in his own Marvel movie? Rumors started running wild shortly after the actor posted a photo from his meeting with the company on his Facebook page.

At the moment, all we know is that Vin Diesel met with marvel about an unknown project. The actor seemed pretty impressed with what the executives had to say so there’s a good chance that they will be working together soon. But on what?

Vin Diesel writes on Facebook: “Marvel meeting today… Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed… You know I get tunnel vision with my work… and after that meeting today… wow!”

The actor hasn’t said anything else about his meeting with Marvel but he did post a picture of himself standing in front of a The Avengers comic book poster.

The poster included Thor, Giant Man, and of course, The Avengers. Vin Diesel may have just posted the photo to give his fans proof that he actually met with Marvel or he could be hinting at what was talked about the meeting.

We don’t know what Vin Diesel is doing with Marvel yet but we could find out soon. The actor is heading to Comic Con in San Diego next week to promote the new Riddick movie and he’s bound to face a few questions about his future with Marvel.

So, what do you think? Will Vin Diesel join The Avengers? Will he star in his own movie?

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