CIA Allowed 9/11 Mastermind To Design A Vacuum While In Custody

CIA Vacuum Mohammed design.

While being kept captive by the CIA in a basement in Romania, 9/11 mastermind Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed requested if he could design a vacuum.

Mohammed had, after all, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and the US thought that he could still be useful, even though he had suffered the harshest interrogations by the military. The officer in charge called CIA headquarters and told them of the unusual request. The request was granted, according to a former senior agency official.

Thinking that the confessed killer might some day stand trial and needed to keep his sanity, the agency granted the request.

“We didn’t want them to go nuts,” the former senior CIA official said, one of several who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about the now closed CIA prisons or Mohammed’s interest in vacuums.

Using designs he found on the Internet, Mohammed set to his task of re-engineering one of the most common household appliances. The CIA might be in possession of the blueprint for this vacuum.

The agency has acknowledged that the interrogation program was designed to “dislocate” people who were being interrogated, but, once the questioning stopped, they had to find a way to reverse the psychological damage inflicted on the prisoners.

Reports indicate that the CIA has managed to keep Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed sane, but others haven’t fared so well.

Accused al-Qaida terrorists Ramzi Binalshibh and Abd al-Nashiri, who were also locked up in Poland and Romania with Mohammed, have had mental issues. Al-Nashiri suffers from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Binalshibh is being treated for schizophrenia with a slew of anti-psychotic medications.

The 9/11 mastermind saw himself as something of a professor, according to reports and held “office hours,” as he told CIA officers. While chained to the floor, Mohammed would lecture the CIA officers on his path to jihad, his childhood and family. Tea and cookies were served.

What do you think of the CIA for allowing the 9/11 mastermind to design a vacuum?