‘Metro: Last Light’ Developer Announces ‘Faction Pack’ DLC, Reveals Future Content Plans

Looking to get more out of Metro: Last Light? Well, you’re in luck. Developer Deep Silver yesterday announced that the game will be receiving its first piece of downloadable content, dubbed the “Faction Pack,” on July 16 for all three platforms in North America, and July 17 elsewhere.

The Faction Pack, which will set you back $4.99 / 400 Microsoft Points (or nothing, if you bought the game’s Season Pass), adds in three all-new single-player missions to the game. Each of the three missions will put you in the boots of a different specialist from the game’s various factions, and will see you returning to some familiar locales from the original game, Metro 2033.

One mission puts you in control of a Special Detachment Sniper of the Redline, and tasks you with infiltrating a Reich outpost under the cover of darkness. The next mission, however, has you fighting for the Reich as a “Heavy,” one of the faction’s most formidable soldiers.

The last mission puts players in control of a Polis Ranger, who is tasked by his superiors to investigate the Library for various trinkets of interest to the Polis Rangers. To plunge deeper into the Library, you’ll have to collect salvage in exchange for items to help you survive.

The Faction Pack is the first of four planned DLC packs for Metro: Last Light, and the developer offered some hints at what to expect out of the remaining three DLC packs.

The next pack to be released will be the “Tower Pack,” which adds in a new challenge mode known as “The Tower.” The next piece of DLC, dubbed the “Developer Pack,” adds in a new solo mission along with a few extras for fans of the series.

Last up will be the “Chronicles Pack,” which adds in new missions featuring Pavel, Khan, and Anna from the main game. There is currently no word on exactly when the remaining DLC packs are expected to release.

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