Ohio Man Arrested Again For Having Sex With Inflatable Raft

Addam Corré

Police arrested Edwin Tobergta, 34, last month in Hamilton Ohio, after a child claimed that he saw him "having sexual relations with a rubber pool float."

The incident occurred in broad daylight around lunchtime. The police report states that Tobergta was naked but doesn't specify if the raft was in the water or on land.

This is the fifth time that Tobergta has been arrested for having sexual relations with an inflatable raft, so it's not likely that he mistook it for a blow-up doll!

On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted him for public indecency. Whilst, in general, this is regarded as a minor felony, Tobergta's history of multiple similar offenses will count against him.

Almost certainly, if found guilty, he will serve some jail time, maybe a year.

In August 2011, police were called when a man spotted Tobergta stealing his pool raft. The police report said:

"The witness stated the defendant appeared to be having sex with the raft due to the fact that his pants were down around his ankles."

Tobergta's grandmother, Linda, explained that her grandson suffered from Attention Deficiency Disorder and did not stick to his medication regime. She said:

"He has a lot of mental problems and he's always had a fascination for plastic. That's just it. That's all of it. We never could get the proper care for Edwin. It's like nobody cares."

And it's true that Edwin Tobergta's problems started when he was much younger. In 2002, he was caught having sex with an inflatable pumpkin on Halloween.

But the headline: "Ohio Man Arrested For Having Sex With An Inflatable Raft" is probably more attention getting than sex with a vegetable.

Or, maybe not!