Amy Winehouse: Train wreck, you know you have to look.

Amy Winehouse has done it again, running around Camden last night off her face on god knows what, and for the amusement/pity of the rest of us its all been caught by the paps.

The Mirror is reporting that Winehouse went on a rampage, screaming for her husband and banging on the door of her old flat, which is just 100 metres from her current home.

The photos are awful, she is wearing that same strange string vest top she was wearing the other day. I suppose with that on if she spills anything she can just be wiped down. Whilst she doesn’t look as emaciated as those photos which appeared before she stopped saying no to rehab, she needs to switch out the meth/crack/smack for a sandwich, stat.

Obviously yelling for her husband means she intends to hook up with Blake Fielder, now that he is out of the slammer. Can’t wait for those pictures.

One day, if she doesn’t die like next week, she is going to do a vanity google, see these pics and be mortified. Its a train wreck, you won’t be able to look away.