Bill Hader Stars In Hilarious T-Mobile Ads [Video Gallery]

Bill Hader T-Mobile Commercials

Poor Bill Hader. First he leaves his job at Saturday Night Live, and now he’s running into smartphone problems at every turn.

The new pitchman for T-Mobile stars in a new set of commercials for the carrier, and the results are hilarious.

Hader appears in a group of 30-second commercial spots meant to promote T-Mobile’s new Jump program.

Jump allows customers to upgrade their phones twice per year if they are willing to pay an additional $10 fee.

In one of his first T-Mobile commercials, Bill Hader drops his phone in a urinal. In another, his phone is sat on by a large man, which breaks his screen.

The T-Mobile Jump program uses the simple tagline: “Two years is too long to wait.”

T-Mobile has been attempting to turn the US wireless market on its head. The company earlier this year became the “UnCarrier” by eliminating the need for wireless contracts. Customers who now want to purchase discounted devices simply buy them outright or pay $10 fees over a one to two year period.

Bill Hader’s commercial just like other ad spots from T-Mobile focus on sticking it to other wireless carriers.

Here are four more of the Jump programs new commercials:

T-Mobile continues to push the envelope by basically doing exactly the opposite of its competitors. At a time when both Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless announced that they were pushing 18 month upgrades to two years, their competitor has lowered its upgrade policy.

Do you think T-Mobile will ultimately upset the overall mobile industry?