Lamar Odom Video: Trashes Paparazzi’s Car In Rampage

The video clip courtesy of TMZ shows Lamar Odom, the famed basketball star and husband of Khloe Kardashian, apparently smashing a pap car and camera equipment. He then appears to leave the Hollywood street where the incident took place with some of the paparazzi’s camera parts.

Lamar can be seen in the clip rummaging through some stuff in the back of a car, then throwing it out onto the street.

As if this wasn’t enough action for the delighted film crew from TMZ, he then went over to a second car, armed with a metal rod, and smashed it.

In a bizarre twist to events, at the end of the clip, Lamar Odom can be seen chatting with a passing fan who whips out her smartphone for an opportunity pic with him.

Even though he is clearly unhappy with the attention the media cameras are giving him, he has no problem pausing his violent tirade on the reporter’s cars to have a snap taken with the enthusiastic fan.

You have to see the view yourself to see how the course of events unfold. We assume that no one was hurt as a police report has not been filed.

Lamar Odom‘s representatives have also not made any comment about the incident at this time.