RIM Almost Seems Embarrassed To Announce 10,000th App

Research In Motion, the company behind the Blackberry line of devices has finally surpassed 10,000 available apps. The funny part? They barely made an announcement about the accomplishment.

The Blackberry App World launched a year and a half ago, 6 months after Apple launched the iPhone App Store. To put the numbers into perspective, Apple has over 250,000 apps currently available, while the Android Market reached that mark by fall 2009, approximately one year after launching.

It should be noted that various factors have led to slower app growth development among Blackberry developers. For one, the program is a business device which has just recently gained consumer appeal with touchscreen based Smartphones and other new features being added to the mix. Another reason for the slow app community growth also stems from the companies BlackBerry OS being notoriously hard to develop for which has scared away even some of the most seasoned, top developers. Blackberry policy protocols have also scared away developers.

RIM may however soon see a pick up in App developments as they have promised that their new Java SDK for Blackberry 6 will make it more simply to develop programs for the device, although the last of a 3D graphics card may still scare away most game developers.

Here are some other factors that have hindered App development for Blackberry devices according to Electronista:

RIM has also made unusual choices that have discouraged app sales. It didn’t begin preloading App World on any phone until the Torch and left many customers unaware that the store even existed; it was previously an optional download. Until 2.0, the portal also lacked accounts to port paid apps to a new phone or any way to pay for an app beyond PayPal. A decision to require prices of $3 or higher for paid apps also guaranteed that many cross-platform titles would cost the most on a BlackBerry or wouldn’t be ported at all.

Would you be willing to buy more apps for your Blackberry device if they were made available at low enough prices? Let us know your thoughts about the Blackberry App fiasco.