Palmetto Tornado Pictures, Video Emerge

Palmetto tornado video and photo footage has emerged. If you click on the top button, you’ll see an ABC video report about the out-of-the-blue tornado that damaged at least seven mobile homes in Pinellas County, Florida on Tuesday night.

I’ve also posted some photographs tweeted from the scene, as well as some raw footage supplied by Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

There is also footage of the actual Palmetto tornado forming and growing which has been posted to Tampa Bay WTSP.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the tornado hit the Tropical Isles RV Park, a community for people age 55 and older, at around 6:30 PM. It pretty much blasted the place out of the blue for about 30 seconds, creating widespread damage in a matter of moments. Miraculously, there was only one report of someone being injured — and that injury was said to be minor.

A Bay Nine news report suggested that quick action on the part of first responders prevented the Palmetto tornado from causing a potential tragedy.

North River Fire District Battalion Chief Mike Williamson told them:

“I was the first arriving unit on scene and saw the immense damage…and my first thought was we had about 60 residents who were in the street, so our first thought was how many are injured? Is anyone trapped inside these trailers?

“And when they [firefighters] got over there they found there were power lines, live power lines on 10 of the trailers, sparking.”

The Red Cross is assisting with three families whose homes are so badly destroyed they have nowhere to go.

Check out these Palmetto tornado tweets: