Spiderman Owns The Pickup Basketball Court In Viral Video

Spiderman Owns The Pickup Basketball Court In Viral Video

Spiderman has bevy of special powers, and apparently one of them is a wicked crossover.

A video posted this week on YouTube shows a young man dressed as the Marvel superhero playing on an outdoor court. Surrounded by cheering kids, Spidey goes one-on-one with a series of players, embarrassing all of them with some nifty ball-handling and spot-on outside shooting.

The Spiderman basketball video has been very popular so far. In a little more than a day it garnered more than 100,000 hits on YouTube, and was one of the most popular submissions on Reddit.

If anyone thinks the basketball moves Spiderman puts on his opponents look familiar, that’s because the man underneath the costume is Grayson Boucher, better known as The Professor from the AND1 Mixtape Tour.

Boucher was on his community college basketball team in 2004 when he decided to attend an open tryout for the AND1 tour at a stop in Portland, Oregon. He was selected to the team, and quickly became one of the biggest stars, being featured prominently in AND1 marketing.

The Professor left AND1 in 2010 and has been playing for Ball Up, a professional streetball league, since 2011.

Last year his work with Ball Up took Boucher on a promotional tour through China, where he was joined by two NBA ballhandling experts — Jason Williams and Allen Iverson.

“Outside of Michael Jordan, those are the two players I mimic the most,” said Boucher. “To be on the court with them both will be like everything coming full circle.”

The kids watching Spiderman play basketball likely knew the streetballer was really the one behind the mask. As he walked off the court, one of the kids ran up to ask: “Do you ever play with Batman?”