Austin-Healey Sprite Car Purchased By Toddler On eBay

Toddler Buys Car On Dads Smartphone

Sorella Stoute is a few years away from getting her license but she’s already purchased her first car. The 14-month-old toddler accidentally bought a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite on eBay with her father’s phone.

According to KPTV, the 14-year-old girl accidentally logged on to her father’s eBay account while she was playing with his phone.

The little girl swiped through a few screens, tapped on a few pictures, and now her dad Paul is the proud owner of a new car.

Paul said that he didn’t find out that he now owned an Austin-Healey Sprite until he received an email confirmation about his bid.

Paul wasn’t in the market for a new car but he still considers himself lucky. After all, his daughter bought a $225 car and not something a tad bit more expensive.

Paul said: “Tap, tap, tap and now I own a car … Fortunately, she didn’t buy the $38,000 Porsche.”

UPI reports that Stoute has decided to keep the car and now plans to restore the vintage vehicle. It will be another decade until his daughter can drive but she’ll could be receiving a pretty nice Sweet 16 Birthday present.

Sorella’s mother, Christina, said that she liked the idea of giving the car as a present but noted that they have some work ahead of them. The car was listed “as is” with the seller calling it “Frankensprite.”

Christina said: “It comes with two engines … They’re both in the back seat.”

You can see a video about the toddler, a smartphone, and a very broken down Austin-Healey Sprite here.