Busy Philipps Names Newborn Daughter Cricket, Another Name Inspired By Nature

Busy Philipps Names Second Daughter Cricket

Busy Philipps chose Cricket for the name of her newborn girl, following in a tradition of picking names inspired by mother nature.

The Cougar Town actress has one daughter already, Birdie, and welcomed her newborn girl this month. She and husband Marc Silberstein are said to be doing well with the little one, who weighed in at just over 8 pounds.

“Everyone is healthy and happy,” a rep for the actress told Us Weekly.

The 34-year-old actress had already revealed that she was having a daughter, sharing the news during a screening of Case of You at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

Busy Philipps said Birdie was excited to be be a big sister to Cricket.

“She talks to the baby and she’s just really thrilled,” the actress explained. “I told her, though, that it’s okay to feel two ways about it. It’s okay to feel really excited and also nervous or mad or scared. I don’t want her to think she has to be super happy about it all the time because I know it’s going to be…a big adjustment for her.”

Philipps said that being a mom seems to have given her more credibility as a celebrity.

“I only became a celebrity because I had a kid. Before I was pregnant nobody cared,” she said. “My husband has a theory that celebrity gossip feels so seedy, but if you can put a positive spin on it, like touting a new baby, then people somehow feel it’s okay. I joke to my agent that having a baby made my career.”

On Wednesday the new mom was spotted for the first time since giving birth, wearing flip-flops and sunglasses as she walked out in Hollywood.

Busy Philipps already shared a picture of Cricket, posted via Tweet on July 3.

So this happened… pic.twitter.com/Y0OipdeKBJ

— Busy Philipps (@Busyphilipps25) July 3, 2013

The wording of the Tweet brings the actress full circle to the start of her pregnancy. When she found out she was having a baby, Busy posted a photo of her positive pregnancy test again with the words “So this happened…”

Busy Philipps and Cricket have yet to make a public appearance together.

[Photo via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]