Rex Reed Hates ‘V/H/S 2,’ We Have New Reason To Hate Rex Reed


Controversial film critic Rex Reed still hasn’t calmed the eff down after weirdly and hurtfully making fun of actress Melissa McCarthy for her weight. The veteran New York Observer critic is on the warpath again, but this time his target is the 2013 horror anthology film V/H/S 2.

The 74-year-old was one of the few film critics to just outright pan the movie, calling it a “diabolically psychotic, sub-mental and completely unwatchable disaster” in his incredibly short piece titled “G/T/F/O: V/H/S/2 Is Unwatchable From Start to Finish.”

There’s just one problem, as noted by a handful of Rex Reed critics: He didn’t watch the film from start to finish. In fact, he admits early in his review to giving up about 20 minutes through.

Now sure, that’s no reason to hate Rex Reed. Don’t misunderstand our title here: You only have a new reason to hate Rex Reed if you still hate him for the old reasons. Especially since it’s incredibly possible that he didn’t even provide the title for his review (editors quite commonly do that in this industry).

But it seems like every little thing keeps sinking the reputation of the veteran critic. It all started with Melissa McCarthy, but we’re lying if we say we wouldn’t accept just anything. We will. As noted by CriticWire editor Sam Adams:

“Frankly, I’m reluctant to give any further attention to a writer who draws a paycheck for making a mockery of a noble profession while intelligent critics scramble for crumbs all around him. (I know it’s hard to find qualified film critics in New York. Maybe try throwing a rock at the next Film Forum screening.) But seriously, this has to stop.”

Adams further opines “at this point it’s clear that the New York Observer is simply running Reed for the hate-clicks.”

What do you think of Rex Reed? I just want to know what’s jumped up his derriere these days.