Palmetto Tornado Appears Out Of Nowhere, Tears Apart Mobile Home Park

A Palmetto tornado arose out of nowhere on Tuesday to tear through a mobile home park, ripping off roofs and forcing residents out of their homes.

The tornado struck at close to 6:30 pm, hitting the Tropical Isles RV Park, a community for people age 55 and older. Though the tornado lasted only about 30 seconds, residents said the damage was widespread.

Some of the homes had roofs ripped off while others were hit with debris.

“I sat down, I started watching TV and about 30 seconds after that, the roof took off of my trailer,” said John Kadlick.

Though the Palmetto tornado damaged homes in the mobile home park, only one person suffered an injury and refused treatment at the scene.

The amazing part about the Palmetto tornado was that it appeared out of a clear blue sky, residents said. Those watching said they were shocked when a funnel cloud began forming.

“When I looked up all this metal was coming at me. I ran into the bathroom. I was scared to death.” said resident Cathy Dobson.

But the Palmetto tornado never actually touched the ground, resident Hugh Ann Cason-Kelly said, Instead it bounced from one home to the next, doing so almost silently.

“It wasn’t a roar that you hear because it never got permanently on the ground, but the pressure changed and the animals started acting up,” Cason-Kelly. “You didn’t know where it was going next.”

The National Weather Service listed the tornado as an EF-0, but it was still powerful enough to force some residents out of their homes. Kadick said his home is now unlivable, so he’s buying a friend’s house.

The Palmetto tornado did cause other problems, however. Police said they are fearful that looters may move in on the destroyed homes, and are posting a patrol in the mobile home park.

[Image via Facebook]