Job Applicant Robs Gas Station, Leaves Resume Behind [Video]

Job Applicant robs

A Florida thief left behind a job application after he had robbed a gas station, which helped to lead police to his home.

Anthony Thomas has been accused of robbing a gas station in Ocala, Florida, and police believe that he filled out an resume with his correct information, which included his address and phone number, and left it at the establishment before he left.

Thomas was reportedly a regular visitor to Martin Oil, and earlier this week he went in to fill out a job application, but officers aren’t sure if he was there to simply case out the station or if he actually wanted to apply for a job there.

However, when the gas station employee turned his back to help with his requirement, leaving the cash register open in the process, Thomas then reached over the counter and then stole the money and ran away.

Police then arrived soon after and were able to identify Thomas because of the information that he had provided on the application. Thomas was then located just a few blocks away from the scene of the crime, and was quickly arrested.

Thomas was then charged with petit theft, burglary, and using violence against an officer whilst resisting arrest.

Last year a 17-year-old by the name of Cody Connor attempted to rob a pornography store with a gun, but he was instead talked into filling out a job application instead.

However, after Connor completed the application and handed it in, which once again had all of his personal information on it, the porn establishment employee then handed it over to the police.

Connor and the employee talked for 20 minutes after she told him, “don’t do this, it’s not worth it,” even removing the bullets from his weapon, and then sharing a cigarette together.

Which thief is the most moronic?

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