Impala Escapes Cheetah By Jumping Into Tourist’s Car [Video]

A frightened Impala was able to escape a group of hungry cheetahs by jumping through the window of a tourist’s car. If you were being chased by a cheetah, you’d probably do the same thing.

A group of tourists were on safari when they got to witness a pretty incredible event: A cheetah hunt.

A herd of impalas dart through the cars with the cheetahs right on their tails. The animals manage to elude their attackers in a group of trees but soon the chase turns around and heads back to the group of cars.

And this is where things get really interesting.

One of the impalas, who was just a few seconds away from being a sheetah’s dinner, leaps into the window of one of the cars.

According to the narrator from Barcroft TV, no people were injured in the incident. The people in the car were able to open the door and let the impala back out into the wild.

The cheetah, at the time, had sulked away from the hunt.

According to the Business Insider, the great Impala escape occurred in South Africa.

Do you think the animal meant to jump into the car window? Are you surprised that the cheetah didn’t follow the impala into the tourist’s car?