George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict? Florida Prepares For Trayvon Riots

If the jury’s verdict declares George Zimmerman not guilty the police are already preparing for Al Sharpton’s so-called “Trayvon riots.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the defense in the George Zimmerman trial rested its case today.

George Zimmerman Guilty Or Not Guilty?

George Zimmerman is facing charges of either manslaughter or second-degree murder. Due to Burden of Proof concerns legal experts are already saying a George Zimmerman acquittal seems likely: “based on the legal standard and evidence presented by prosecutors it is difficult to see how jurors find proof beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn’t self defense.” These legal experts claim that “reasonable doubt” can be found in the conflicting eyewitness accounts.

Florida Prepares For Trayvon Riots

Whether George Zimmerman’s verdict is guilty or not guilty, Sheriff Scott Israel said the Florida police are already preparing for potential Trayvon riots:

“We don’t have information about a specific event that might take place at the conclusion of the trial, but we encourage everyone to keep any protests peaceful.”

The Sanford police department has been coordinating with Community Relations Service regional director Thomas Battles, who previously helped with the original Trayvon Martin marches, demonstrations, and rallies last year.

The Sherriff’s office has emphatically stated that “freedom of expression is a constitutional right. While raising your voice is encouraged, using your hands is not.” To get that point across clearly, the police have created a video that encourages people to raise their voice, not their hands:

Inciting a riot through by organizing, promoting, encouraging, participating in, or carrying on a riot is illegal by Federal law. Regardless, many people are using social media to declare support for potential Trayvon riots:

If Florida declares George Zimmerman not guilty, do you think we’ll see Trayvon riots or peaceful demonstrations?