Catarina Migliorini, Brazilian Woman Who Auctioned Virginity, Says She Is A ‘Victim’

Catarina Migliorini, the 21-year-old Brazilian woman who auctioned off her virginity, says she was defrauded by Justin Sisely, who was supposedly filming her story for a documentary called Virgins Wanted.

Migliorini was “sold” for $780,000, which she said would be donated to a non-governmental organization devoted to building houses for the poor. A young man named Alexander Stepanov was “sold” for $2,600. The documentary would then chronicle the two virgins’ first sexual encounters. 

But when Migliorini went to meet “Natsu,” the 53-year-old Japanese man who placed the winning bid for her virginity, at a restaurant in Sydney, she said he didn’t match the description that Sisely gave her. She also said they never had sex. She now believes Natus was made up.

“I felt I was a victim … I was misled by Mr. Justin Sisely,” Migliorini said. “I believe he is trying to defraud me and others.”

She added, “Justin made me believe this was a serious documentary about young virgins and said that there might or might not be an auction at the end of the documentary.”

After she met with Sisely in Bali, the virginity auction had already been announced, and Migliorini said she agreed to go along with it “because Justin said it would be the best way to draw attention from the media about the project.”

Migliorini said, for her participation, she was supposed to receive 20 percent of the sales from the documentary, as well as the entire $780,000 bid. She said that Sisely didn’t cover her travel expenses like he said he would, and that he didn’t give her the money promised.

But Sisely denies the claims, telling the Huffington Post, “We have the footage to prove otherwise.” He also said that Migliorini breached her contract as an actress. He said two major contract breaches are included in the documentary, which he now plans to turn into a reality series, and which will debut at MIPCOM in Cannes in October.

“Aside from that, she failed to show up on filming days on several occasions. After being warned,” he said. “After two years and three visa refusals trying to get her to Australia, she left the country for a fashion show in Brazil during filming.”

Migliorini accused Sisely of adding fictional elements to the documentary to add drama, and that she eventually disagreed with the direction he wanted to go in. She said the two have had no contact since December.

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