Xbox Live Price Increase An Error, Says Microsoft

Microsoft says the Xbox Live price increase was an error.

In some regions being tested with the Xbox Live beta, the price of games and DLC went up. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Xbox Live prices in the UK went up across the board as Microsoft prepares to eliminate Microsoft Points entirely and convert everything to actual currency. Speculation suggested that prices were being inflated based on real world economic currency values, or just plain greed.

Microsoft says that the Xbox Live price increase is an error, and prices aren’t intended to be getting higher and matching those of the PlayStation Store. If they were, it would only be another bullet in the gun Microsoft seems to be using to shoot itself in the foot in this next generation console war.

Microsoft explained the error to Joystiq:

“We are aware that select regions experienced some incorrect game title pricing in the Xbox Live beta. This was an unintended error that we are in the process of fixing. We’ll be reimbursing impacted beta participants for the difference in what was paid and what the price will be after the update is available to all members. Of note, beta programs give us a chance to test, fix and correct issues like this. As with all betas, we take the learnings from our program and make corrections and adjustments prior to the update being available to all members. As always, we appreciate the participation of our beta customers in helping us launch and build great products.”

Xbox Live price increase condescending Wonka meme
Xbox Live price increase condescending Wonka meme

Apparently, Microsoft is in the process of fixing the Xbox Live price increase, and will be reimbursing purchasers affected by this issue by the price difference between the increase and what the content’s intended price is. So what does this mean for Canadian Xbox Live gamers who found themselves with a lucky discount in the midst of the conversion? Will they be billed, or will Microsoft let it go as a mistake on their own part?

What do you think of Microsoft claiming that the Xbox Live price increase was an error?