‘Rambo: The Video Game’ Lands A Reveal Trailer [Video]

Rambo: The Video Game has just landed a reveal trailer!

We’re hoping for the best here, but the Rambo film series is getting a video game. Yes, previous Rambo games exist, but they were all eight-bit and 16-bit war games that pretty much got lost in the shuffle of shooters available in the early days of the arcade. Nowadays, we have Gears of War and Call of Duty, so the war-time shooter genre really isn’t lacking anything. Rambo needs to bring a lot to the plate if it wants to be relevant in this time of ever more realistic war games.

Not much is known of Rambo: The Video Game other than that it exists and it’s being made by Teyon, a developer with a less than spectacular track record. Previous trailers for the game only showed clips from the films, so we’re hoping it isn’t just another The Fast and The Furious: Showdown, a game that, like Rambo: The Video Game, promised an experience spanning the entire film series.

Video games based on movies have rarely done well, usually being buried under a barrage of superior titles that have their own storylines. For every Spider-Man, there is Prototype. For every The Walking Dead, there is Dead Island and The Last of Us. Rambo: The Video Game is going to have to really surprise us if it’s going to stand out in a crowd of blockbusters.

If this reveal trailer is anything to go by, the gameplay for Rambo: The Video Game looks like it might actually replicate the story of the films, but the graphics look a bit too much like classic Xbox 360 quality from about three years ago, not really pushing the visuals. We can only hope that the lack of impressive visuals means they put a lot into the actual game itself. The consoles we have now already look better than this, so unless it’s compensation for content, there is really no excuse for the lack of visual prowess.

What do you think of the reveal trailer for Rambo: The Video Game?