Ryan Davis Remembered By Heartbroken Fans, Friends, Widow On Twitter

ryan davis cause of death

The gaming vertical had a sad week with the sudden passing of Ryan Davis, a big name in the arena and much loved podcaster and maven of all things video game.

Since Ryan Davis died, just days after his wedding and at the age of 34, Twitter has been buzzing with fond recollections of the gaming guru expressing a genuine and aching sense of loss after the sad news broke.

A few have speculated on Davis’ cause of death, given his apparently good health and incredibly young age at the time of his passing.

However, no details about Ryan Davis’ death have been released — and in their absence, the gaming web has come out in force to grieve a well-loved big name.

Gaming site Polygon had a touching tribute to Davis, with Justin McElroy writing:

“If you can tell me how you replace someone like that, someone who’s capable of filling a room with that kind of energy, I’m all ears, because at this precise moment I don’t have a solitary clue.”

He adds:

Keep in mind, I could count on one hand the number of times I met Ryan in person, and this is the crater he left on me. I can not fathom the pain that those who knew him so much better than me are going through right now and my heart is with them, for whatever that’s worth.

Davis’ widow Anna Davis has been vocal, thanking Ryan’s many friends and fans for the outpouring of support in what has to be the biggest nightmare imaginable for a young, newly married woman.

Ryan Davis’ wife assures well-wishers that she is not alone in the difficult period of coping with his death, saying:

Heartbreakingly, on July 3, she had tweeted about waking Davis up, and one reply read:


Ryan Davis’ friends at his Giant Bomb released a lengthy tribute to their co-founder this week.