Katniss And Django Among Popular Baby Names

Katniss And Django Baby Names 2013

Katniss and Django are among the most popular baby names. Both names are inspired by hit movies and replace more traditional names which usually include Jacob and Sophia.

Recent trends suggest that baby names are more often inspired by movies, songs, and celebrities. The list, generated by Nameberry, includes the most popular baby name trends for the first half of 2013.

As reported by MSN, the most popular unisex names for the first half of 2013 include Quinn, Rowan, and Sawyer.

For the girls, the most popular name is currently listed as Imogen, with Katniss coming in at number 10. Other notable female names in the top 10 include Harper, Seraphina, and Isla. Some historically traditional names also appeared on the list and include Charlotte, Elanor, and Amelia.

The list of most popular boys names includes the standard James, coming in at number five. Most of the names are more unique, including Asher, Declan, and Django. Similar to the girls list, several traditional names seem to be making a comeback, including Henry, Oliver, and Atticus.

As discussed at Nameberry.com, these lists are quite different from 2012. Last year’s survey lists Jacob as number one for the boys and Sophia in first place for the girls.

Nameberry co-founder Pamela Redmond Satran explains how the trend system works:

“The most recent Social Security lists are for 2012 … they’re measuring which names parents chose in the past as opposed to which names parents are likely to choose in the future … The top names on our lists … are likely to show up among the top names of the next decade.”

Several names on the list were obviously influenced by popular culture.

Katniss and Django are both from recent popular movies. Katniss is the name of the lead character in The Hunger Games. Django is the title character in Django Unchained.

Victoria and David Beckham named their daughter Harper. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their daughters Violet and Seraphina. All three names have continued to gain popularity.

Choosing a baby name can be a long, frustrating, fun, and eventually satisfying, adventure. Parents often struggle to choose a name that is meaningful or unique. Katniss and Django are both unique and certainly meaningful for fans of either movie.

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