Broccoligate Raging, White House Predictably Silent On Cruciferous Veggies


Broccoligate is the latest in a summer packed with scandals, and while the IRS Tea Party issue and the prior Benghazi kerfuffle were a pain for the Obama administration, the broccoli issue is looming as a new problem

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Broccoligate started with an event aimed at encouraging kids to eat more healthily, and a “Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.”

President Obama was asked about his favorite food, and having previously gone on record loving pizza, fries, and other less health conscious treats, Twitter went nuts when the President stated improbably that broccoli is his favorite food.

Of course, the site was abuzz in a rapidly maelstroming “broccoligate,” with users skeptically observing that “no one’s favorite food is broccoli,” and others musing that if the president is dishonest to schoolkids about food, there surely are bigger lies lurking.

User @jeremyponder summed up broccoligate’s implications in a single tweet:

Either Obama lies to children, or broccoli is his favorite food. I’m not comfy with either being true about our president. #broccoligate

Whether or not broccoligate is a brewing food preference scandal remains to be seen, but others seemed to think it wasn’t worth the drama:

Of course, the White House has maintained its silence on broccoligate, refusing to confirm or deny the President indeed loves broccoli both hot and with cheese sauce or cold, blanched, and dipped in ranch dressing.

Could broccoligate be the scandal that finally brings the Obama administration to its knees? Do you want to know what the White House knows about a number two value meal and when they knew you can ask for extra Big Mac sauce on the side even if you’re not getting a Big Mac?