Naked Swimmer Distracts Homeowner While Partner Robs Him Blind

naked swimmer robbery

Crossville, TN – The “naked swimmer robbery” might be the best bait-and-switch we’ve ever heard of. It goes like this: A woman comes by and asks to skinny dip in your pool. While you watch her, her partner robs you blind.

That’s exactly what happened to one 54-year-old Tennessee man over the weekend.

He told police that a couple who live nearby came to his house but didn’t specify why. The woman told her male partner to run back to her house to grab her cigarettes, which he did. She then asked the homeowner if she could take a dip in his pool.

He agreed and led her to the back of his house where the pool is. She then asked him if he’d mind if she swam naked. Being the hospitable guy that he is, he obliged her request.

She stripped down and swam naked for about 20 minutes. Now, the report doesn’t detail what exactly the homeowner was doing during those 20 minutes, but he must have been distractedsomehow.

During the naked swimmer’s little show and the homeowner’s distraction, the male accomplice returned, snuck in, and robbed the place blind.

When she was done swimming, she asked the homeowner to get her a towel. He did, she dried off, she put on her clothes, and she left.

When he went back inside his home, he found that he was missing a handgun, jewelry, and medication. He estimated the loss at about $1,195.

The naked swimmer robbery couple have been identified but have not been found by police for questioning.

[Image via: erics / Shutterstock]