John Mayer Buys Random Fan An Awesome Guitar Just Because [Photos & Video]

John Mayer said in a recent interview that he had been acting like a “jerk” lately, which might be part of the reason he decided to go out of his way to make a random fan happy a few days ago.

Mayer and on-again girlfriend Katy Perry met a 16-year-old fan by the name of Julie Fermin at Rudy’s Music in New York City Friday. While the two were swamped by a group of happy fans, Fermin continued looking at guitars.

Fermin eventually noticed Mayer and Perry, and recalls that she “started freaking out.”

The group started talking about music, and Mayer found out that Fermin is herself an aspiring musician. She said that both Mayer and Perry were two of her “favorite singers.” While Perry complimented Fermin’s friend on her jewelry, Mayer and the young fan started talking about guitars.

He asked her how long she had been playing and which guitar she liked the best in the store. The group wrapped things up and Mayer and Perry said their goodbyes. As Fermin prepared to leave herself, the store employees notified her that John Mayer had bought her the guitar she singled out as her favorite before he left.

“I was so shocked,” Fermin told People. “I cannot describe all the emotions I was feeling at that moment.”

The store’s employees were also impressed by the scene.

“They treated them so beautifully,” employee Brad Tertola told the mag. “I experienced first-hand the kind of sweet guy John is. He and Katy are just wonderful people.”

“I was so happy about it,” he continued.

John Mayer seems a long way from the “jerk” he once was. Check out a photo of the group below. Below that, a video of Julie Fermin playing “Miss Movin’ On” (though not with the new guitar).

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[Images via: Twitter]