Kate Middleton In The Final Days Of Her Pregnancy

Kate Middleton is in the final days of her pregnancy
. Her due date is Thursday, July 11. For all we know, she could be in labor as this article is being written.

On top of the natural pressures of becoming a new mother and going through the pain of giving birth, the Duchess of Cambridge has the added worry of the whole world watching her every move.

This is, after all, her first child, and, as any new mother would know, the anxiety can be overwhelming. Add to that the royal baby, and one can only imagine what she is going through.

The Duchess is currently spending her time at Kensington Palace while her husband, Prince William, continues with his duties as a search and rescue pilot in Wales.

“Kate has been sensible and stayed in London. She was so relieved that she did not go into labor early while in Anglesey with William,” a source tells Us Weekly.

Now, Kate is spending her last days of pregnancy arranging the nursery and taking care of last minute details. According to the same source, William has been with his wife as much as possible, coming up to London whenever he is off his shift.However, the royal couple had a plan-B. If Kate Middleton would have gone into labor while away from London, she would have been flown via helicopter to St. Mary’s Hospital.

With a good supportive family, everyone is helping including Kate’s mother Carole and sister Pippa, making sure someone is always with the Duchess. When Prince William is on duty, there is someone with Kate at all times.

Kate is not immune to loneliness according to another source. Being a military wife while pregnant hasn’t been always easy, but she has made the most of it keeping busy with her official duties and readying everything for her child.

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