ISPs Eye Bandwidth-Based Charges

A big bandwidth could soon cost you.

Broadband Reports quotes a Comcast insider as saying the company may instate monthly data caps for its internet users. Right now, the insider says, executives are looking at limiting you to 250 gigs per month, then billing you $15 for every additional 10 gigs you transfer.

It wouldn’t be the first time such a plan has been tried. Verizon recently added new plans that charge by the meg, albeit only for mobile broadband customers. And Canadian company Rogers Communications already has caps for its home- and office-based DSL customers.

The Gannett News Service predicts more and more providers will soon look at similar restrictions. One expert they spoke with compares the concept to other common household billing procedures.

“If you use more electricity, you pay for more electricity,” GNS quoted Internet Innovation Alliance Co-Chair Larry Irving as saying.

“This is no different,” he added.