Justin Bieber Poses With Stanley Cup

Justin Bieber Touches The Stanley Cup Stands On Logo, Internet Loses Its Mind

The Biebs has landed in Chicago. Justin Bieber visited the Windy City this weekend to play a show at the United Center and he’s already seen the city’s biggest attraction: The Stanley Cup.

Most Chicagoans have been tracking the Stanley Cup with the hopes of catching a glimpse of all its Championship glory at a neighborhood pub around the city but Bieber wasn’t about to go slumming it with the locals. Nope, the Canadian pop singer got his own private visit with Lord Stanley in the Chicago Blackhawks lockerroom.

Peter Hassen, a Hawks marketing executive, sent out a photo of Justin with the Holy Grail this week. In addition to getting to touch Lord Stanley, the Hawks also gave Justin a customized jersey.

Bieber hasn’t commented directly on how his visit with the Stanley Cup changed his life but the singer did say that he was very appreciative of the hospitality he received in Chicago.

Bieber writes: “Chicago always does it right! One of the best shows of the tour. I couldn’t stop smiling! Thank you beliebers. I love you! I love Chicago.”

Here’s the photo of Justin Bieber and the Stanley Cup.