Dog Food Truck Bursts Into Flames On Interstate

dog food

A dog food truck was spotted smoking on a northern Indiana section of Interstate 65 in the early morning hours on Tuesday. According to Greene County Daily World, another trucker used citizen’s band (CB) radio to inform the driver that he saw the smoke coming from the tractor-trailer’s axle.

The driver, 54-year-old Philip Pagliari, pulled over, but the fast-moving fire was already burning. According to the JCOnline, Pagliari hurried to separate the 2013 Peterbilt tractor from the trailer.

He succeeded. But the entire trailer, and its full load of dog food, went up in smoke.

Indiana State Police Trooper Kent Wainscott said, by the time the Battle Ground Volunteer Fire Department responded, the trailer and everything inside were a complete loss. Fortunately, the driver wasn’t hurt.

The right southbound lane of the interstate was closed for hours as a result of the fire and the resulting clean-up.

It isn’t the only unfortunate truck that has blocked a road recently.

In a June incident, people tweeted pictures from the scene of a fire that occurred in New Jersey when a truck carrying 6,000 gallons of Scotch crashed and then caught fire.

The police declined to identify the brand of Scotch being delivered. In the new accident, we’re not told the brand of dog food that went up in flames either.

I recently posted a video of a dump truck in Russia that just continued to drive casually along the highway — even though it was on fire.

In early June, people near Wawa, Ontario got a fireworks display that they didn’t expect when a truck carrying explosives actually crashed into a moose on the Trans Canada Highway. The truck was carrying both ammunition and fireworks, and they went off with quite a bang in the wake of the incident.

There’s even a video of that fiery disaster.

The dog food truck fire made a mess, but it isn’t in that class.

[dog food photo by SH4rp_i via Flickr, Creative Commons]