Paula Abdul Appears As Guest Judge On ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ [Video]

Abdul became a hit with "American Idol."

Paula Abdul was back behind the judges’ table on Tuesday night. The 51-year-old made a guest appearance on So You Think You Can Dance after becoming a hit next to Simon Cowell on American Idol for nearly seven years.

She wasn’t the only guest as Erin Andrews also joined the show. After departing from American Idol in 2011, Abdul has since gone on to create her own show, Live To Dance, and she’s also appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

She tweeted her excitement about joining the judges on So You Think You Can Dance and she’s also received plenty of support from her followers and other fans of the show.

Her rare appearance surely had to bring in more viewers, but it was also nice to see her back on a panel after Live To Dance was canceled by CBS after seven episodes. Reality TV competitions seem to be her thing, as she’s also served as a judge on Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor for a season in 2011.

Paula Abdul isn’t planning on becoming a full-time judge anytime soon, but the rumors have already began surfacing. She’s well received by fans while other judges rarely last more than one season, so the idea of bringing her in full-time would be a success no matter what show she joined.

Ratings are everything in television and Abdul is somewhat of a face for reality TV competitions ever since American idol became a hit in 2002.

Before becoming a pop singer in the 90’s, Abdul spent time as a successful choreographer and dancer. Her background leaves the door open for a wide variety of competitions and she’s practically qualified for all of them.

Nevertheless, her appearance on So You Think You Can Dance was a one-time thing as of now. There’s no telling if that will change, but here’s a look at her back behind the judges’ table on Tuesday.

Do you think Paula Abdul should consider joining a competition full-time after appearing on So You Think You Can Dance?

[Image via Alison Martin]