NFL cut down day has a few surprises

Cut down day in the NFL is always a little tense, and a little surprising. This year was no different as some surprise moves were made, and one guy kept a job for some unknown reason. I am literally in shock that the Washington Redskins did not cut Albert Haynesworth. It seems very clear that the ‘Skins coaching staff have no faith in Haynesworth effort on the field, and after listening to an entire pre-season’s worth of bitching about this over paid player, I see no positive in keeping him on the roster.

Saturday was a pretty bad day to be a QB, especially a young QB. In all 23 QB’s were let go including Matt Leinart, and the Miami Dolphins’ Pat White. Since White was a second round pick in 2009 it seems a little early to give up on him, but he cleared waivers so the other 31 NFL teams have little faith in his skill set as well. I think we all knew Leinart days in Arizona were at an end, but I am pretty surprised they cut him, since we can argue that they never really gave him a chance to succeed.

I am very surprised that the Chicago Bears have given up on QB Dan Lefevour. Sure he was a late round draft pick but do the Bears really think Jay Cutler is the long term answer there? Apparently they do, and for their sakes they better hope Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz has a little QB magic left to turn him into a star.

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