April Jones’ Killer, Mark Bridger, Attacked With Knife In Prison

April Jones’ killer, Mark Bridger, was brutally attacked by a fellow inmate on Sunday. He was slashed across the face with a knife and was taken to the hospital for stitches.

Mark Bridger was attacked after he walked along a gangway and is badly scarred from the incident. A lot of people supported the prisoner who attacked Bridger.

“No one has any sympathy for him,” Julie Williams, a mother-of-two, said. “He is so evil for not saying where her body is. Other prisoners may lay off him if he lets the authorities know what he did with April. It’s the least he should do – this attack may frighten him into doing the right thing. But it won’t bring April back to her family.”

April Jones’ family doesn’t have any sympathy for Mark Bridger either. “Hopefully he will live in fear for his life every day. Imagine little April’s fear and terror,” Carole Davies said.

The 47-year-old was given a life sentence in prison in May for the murder of 5-year-old April Jones. After he kidnapped her from her home, he sexually abused her, killed her and dismembered her body.

He never revealed what he did with her remains, but police believe that he dumped her body parts in the rivers, hills and forests surrounding his home.

After the child killer was sentenced, April’s mother, Coral Jones, said she was relieved.

“We are relieved that Mark Bridger has today been found guilty of the murder of our beautiful daughter April,” she said. “April will be forever in our hearts and we are so moved by the overwhelming support we have had from so many people all over the world.”

What do you think of the prisoner who attacked Mark Bridger? Do you think that the convicted killer deserved to be slashed in the face?

[Image via Shuttershock]