Beer Festival Runs Out Of Beer In England

Beer Festival Runs Out Of Beer

The annual beer festival in Sunderland, England was forced to close down a full day early this year after it ran out of beer.

Nice weather led to unusually enjoyable conditions, which then drew in more than 1,000 people to the festival that took place at the Askbrooke Sports Club.

The beer festival offered drinkers the chance to try 30 different types of beer.

The festival started on Friday night and was supposed to run through Sunday night. Unfortunately, beer festival attendees drank through all of the beer and then drank through the club’s own stockpile of alcohol.

Organizers say they would have replenished supplies if they would have arrived soon enough to help the festival.

Even the wine and cava bar ran dry as drinkers attempted to get their hands on the last of the beer festival’s alcoholic options.

By 10 pm on Saturday night, organizers realized the party would draw to an end because of the insatiable thirst of its attendees.

Beer festival organizers now warn that future events may require a ticket to enter in order to ensure the correct amount of beer is procured for the entire weekend.

While the beer festival had to draw to an early close, those in attendance had nothing but praise for the organizers and the successful event.

Other beer festivals in the area have already switched over to a ticket based system.

We have a feeling, given the fact that this festival went down in England, that there were at least one or two pubs in the area that were willing to keep the party going.

Would you be upset if you attended a beer festival and before it ended the beer taps ran dry?