Woman Allegedly Hires Hitman Because It’s Cheaper Than Divorce

A New Jersey woman allegedly attempted to hire a hitman to end her marriage, owing to the fact that the cost of divorce has gotten way too high.

The hitman for hire was, of course, actually a Michigan state detective, and as we’ve seen in the past, the woman was caught up in the sting to excise her husband without a messy court case.

Former New Jersey resident Julia Merfeld was filmed allegedly trying to place a hit on her hubby, telling the undercover detective:

I don’t want it to look like an actual motive, like a murder case.

Reports indicate that Merfeld met at least twice with the hitman, citing the expense of divorce as the reason she chose to whack her husband instead of filing the necessary paperwork to legally dissolve their union.

The detective says that in order to carry out the murder for hire, he will require a picture of the intended victim, telling Merfeld:

“What I’m gonna need is an address from you so I know how to get there.  I’m gonna need a picture of him so I get the right guy.”

In the clip, she replies “okay,” and shyly laughs.

Merfeld is quoted as saying in the hitman hire sting clip:

When I first decided to do this … it’s not that we weren’t getting along. But … terrible as it sounds, it was easier than divorcing him … You know, I didn’t have to worry about the judgment of my family, I didn’t have to worry about breaking his heart, all that stuff like this. It’s, like, how I got a clean getaway.

Merfeld’s murder plot was rumbled by a co-worker, who told police the baby-faced young woman — who wears a Batman sweatshirt in the cold-hearted murder plan clip — had offered him $50,000 to carry out the crime.

Cops say the hitman for hire plot was not simply to get rid of her husband, but also to receive his life insurance policy, worth $400,000.

Pledging $9,000 per week to the hitman, the woman expresses some concern for her husband’s suffering, and adds that his purportedly impending death makes her “sad.”

After the attempted hitman hire, Merfeld pleaded guilty on June 27 to solicitation to murder, and sentencing is set for June 30.