False Rape Accuser, Leanne Black, Sentenced to Prison

False rape accuser Leanne Black was sentenced to two years in prison after she pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

The 32-year-old made false rape allegations against five men over a period of eight years and finally got what she deserved. She reportedly accused her partners of rape to get revenge on them after arguing with them.

Black most recently falsely accused her ex-boyfriend Kevin Crowley of raping her, who was arrested in March. Crowley originally called the police after Leanne Black threw plates at him in their apartment. When police arrived, she claimed that he raped her.

“When she was questioned by police she told hem her boyfriend had raped her while she slept at his flat,” prosecutor David Wooler told the court. “It was the most recent in a number of repeated false rape allegations against men since 2005.”

During her sentencing, Judge William Gaskell told Leanne Black that her false rape accusations made it more difficult for genuine rape victims to be believed.

“Police have to take all allegations of rape very seriously,” he said. “Women who make false allegations like you undermine the whole system and police investigations. It undermines the public’s belief in the truth when allegations are truthfully made.”

Leanne Black has 77 convictions on her record including for shoplifting and made false rape allegations since 2005.

Gwent Police Inspector Rory Waring said that Leanne Black’s sentencing should serve as a warning for people thinking about making false allegations of rape.

“As well as causing distress to innocent people accused of this terrible crime, cases like this distract officers from supporting real victims and prosecuting real offenders,” he said.

Do you believe Leanne Black received a fair sentence for falsely accusing men of rape? Or do you think she should have received a longer sentence for her crime?

[Image via Shuttershock]