Justin Bieber: Chicago Fans’ Hotel Scream-Fest As Star Hits City [Video]



Justin Bieber isn’t even onstage at Chicago’s United Center, Illinois yet, but fans in the Windy City are already losing their minds at the prospect of seeing the teen heartthrob.

A large crowd of Beliebers began gathering outside the Peninsula Chicago Hotel on Monday, (July 8), where it’s rumored the 19-year-old is staying.

DNAinfo Chicago reports, a mass of mostly female, excitable teenage fans descended on the hotel on Monday at about 2pm and throughout the evening, and have since proceeded to scream at the slightest movement of the hotel’s revolving doors in case Bieber suddenly wafts through them.

The fans’ frenzy has led to the deployment of at least a dozen police officers to ensure the crowd’s safety, and has also interfered with the arcane goings-on of the NHL Player’s Association’s annual meeting which is also taking place at the Peninsula this week, NESN reports.

Minnesota Wild forward — a fantastic sounding title bettered only by the Canadian’s actual name Zenon Konopa — sent an irritated tweet to Bieber on Tuesday morning:

” @justinbieber I’m a fan of you being Canadian & even ur music but ur killing our NHLPA meetings with ur fan club screaming outside the hotel.”

There was no reply.

Konopa wasn’t the only one to comment. John Fritchey, Cook County Commissioner, tweeted a photo of the scene with added wry observation.




Meanwhile, over on manager Scooter Braun’s Twitter timeline the 32-year-old posted a message that he traveled to Chicago earlier today, possibly to ensure timekeeping at tonight’s concert?

Although it’s been inaccurately and widely reported that Bieber was three hours late onstage at his Des Moines, Iowa concert on Sunday, event organizers confirmed the singer’s call time was 21:30 pm. He went on stage at 10:05 pm and was in fact 35 minutes late.

Nevertheless, from Braun’s recent statements that media reporting on Bieber is skewed negative, it’s clear he believes there is no margin for error on this leg of the Believe tour.






Notwithstanding that part of the problem with the delays may be a discrepancy in the time concert-goers expect Bieber onstage and the start time of shows including the support acts, in April the pop star was over two hours late to stage at a show in Germany and in May he was two hours late for his first Dubai concert.

Doors at the Chicago’s United Center show tonight open at 17:30 pm and with any luck Bieber will hit the stage on time, angel wings at the ready.



[Image via Manchester Evening News]