Caylee Anthony Toys Sold At Garage Sale

caylee anthony

A bunch of toys that reportedly belonged to Caylee Anthony were spotted at a garage sale last month in Florida.

According to Florida resident Christina Werner, the toys were put up for sale by Casey Anthony’s parents George and Cindy Anthony.

Werner said that she was driving by Casey Anthony’s parents house when she noticed that they were having a garage sale. The Florida resident said that she spotted several of Caylee’s toys as well as two tents that may have been used during the search for the little girl.

Werner said: “I drove by and noticed the house looked familiar to me. I had seen this house before … I got close and noticed that the people outside really looked like George and Cindy Anthony. It was the home of Caylee Anthony’s grandparents.”When I pulled up, they were taking tarps off the yard sale items that were covered due to the rain. I immediately noticed the two white canopies over the yard sale tables because they looked like the tents used in the search for Caylee.”Werner said that she talked to George and Cindy and even purchased a few of the toys. The Florida resident was so shocked by the Anthony’s decision to sell Cayley’s toys that she returned the next day with a camera to videotape her interaction with the little girl’s grandparents.

Werner said:  “I simply will never understand how these grandparents can put a price tag on Caylee’s items … I can understand Casey’s things, but I will never understand how they could part with these things at a yard sale!”


It’s unclear if Casey knew about the garage sale but she could definitely use the money. UPI reports that Casey currently owes nearly $800,000 to creditors. She recently filed for bankruptcy but was ordered today to pay up $25,000 to settle a dispute about her life story.