‘Dumb And Dumber’ Sequel Will Begin Filming This September [Video]

The long-awaited Dumb and Dumber sequel is slated to begin filming this September.

Jeff Daniels, one half of the original Dumb and Dumber line-up, appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday (July 8). During his conversation with the host, the actor revealed that work on the follow-up was scheduled to begin in a matter of months.

What can fans expect from Dumb and Dumber To? According to Daniels, the sequel should be just as funny as the original.

“It’ll be the 20th anniversary of the first one next year when it’s released. I’ve seen the script. It’s hysterical. We’re middle-aged. We’re not pretending we aren’t. We’re middle-aged and we’re still that stupid,” the actor explained to Jimmy Fallon.

During his chat with The Associated Press, Jeff Daniels said that Jim Carrey was initially against doing the sequel. A fair amount of time has passed since the original flick hit theaters and the comedian has apparently had a change of heart.

“But he turned 50 and that will mellow you out, and suddenly he’s going, ‘Let’s have some fun. … Come on,’ and we’re going, ‘Great,’ and so the Farrellys said, ‘This isn’t a money grab. Let’s really write a great second movie that takes the original and then blows it up even further, and so I think they did that,” the Newsroom star explained.

Daniels said it took almost two years to get all of the details hammered out. Although Warner Bros. didn’t want to have anything to do with the flick, the sequel eventually found a new home with the folks at Universal.