Conan Does Armie Hammer A Solid, Doesn’t Bring Up ‘Lone Ranger’ Flop [Video]


Armie Hammer was on Conan last night, and the one thing that didn’t come up during the interview was the fact that The Lone Ranger completely tanked in a film industry-defining way. This is because Conan O’Brien is a 6′ 4″ ginger gentleman.

The Lone Ranger has turned into a very pricey disaster for Disney. Though it was marketed as the next great film franchise after Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie flopped spectacularly despite visual flair, proven and talented cast and crew, and lots of Disney dollars behind it.

Why? There have been theories, but no one can really figure out why The Lone Ranger is such a failure. But most folks seem to agree that it’s not Armie Hammer’s fault. That’s probably why Conan O’Brien didn’t bring it up last night.

Hammer’s appearance on Conan was probably planned before the film’s release, and it was just supposed to be an “oh, you’re in a little movie that’s doing well right now called … ” type interview. Since the movie flopped, what the heck were they supposed to talk about?

Though The Lone Ranger was the elephant in the room, Hammer and Conan managed a pretty entertaining interview anyway with an anecdote about how freeing road tips can be and a little bit of chatter about the 26-year-old’s arrest record.

You can watch Hammer’s interview with Conan below, but let us know what you think: Why exactly did The Lone Ranger fail? Is it because of Armie Hammer? Johnny Depp? A boring concept? Sound off!