Pattie Mallette Talks About Justin Bieber’s Relationship Status

Pattie Mallette talked about Justin Bieber’s relationship status when she paid a visit to Fox and Friends on Tuesday.

Justin Bieber’s mom was there to promote her new teen book, Nowhere But Up, which tells of her struggles with teen pregnancy, drugs, and alcohol.

Mallette, who has stayed mum about her son’s latest relationship troubles and run-ins with the law was shown a video of her son being booed at the Billboard Music Awards, something that has never happened before.

The teen sensation has been upsetting fans because of his late arrivals at concerts, leaving thousands of young followers waiting for hours. Bieber was forced to defend himself at the Billboard Awards.

Asked whether it hurt to see a video of Justin getting booed at the music awards Mallette responded,

“Of course, I don’t want to see anybody boo my baby.”

Talking about her book Pattie Mallette says they never expected to be where they are today.

“We are really blessed, it’s been an amazing whirlwind. He’s worked really hard.”

The hosts went on to discuss the upcoming book, which is a teen version of an earlier publication. Mallette candidly describes her pregnancy at 18-years of age and her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

She explains that the teen book is different, even though she is still sharing her story. Mallette says she imagined talking herself to a teenager when she wrote the book.

“Many of the struggles that I had where when I was a teenager.”

Pattie states that so many teenagers can relate to her same problems and that she added some resources and statistics to help readers.

During the interview, Mallette was shown a piece in which Simon Cowell talks about young stars and the pressures of success. Cowell suggests that sometimes an artist can be overworked and overpromoted.

Commenting on whether her son should take some time off from his hectic schedule to regroup, Mallette says she doesn’t think so because he’s enjoying himself and he loves what he does.

At the end of the interview, Peter Doocy asked Mallette if Justin and Selena are still together. Her answer,

It depends what day it is. I can’t keep up.”

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