[Video] Fight breaks out at US Open, tennis finally gets interesting

Is there a sport as god-awfully boring as tennis in existence?

Okay, perhaps golf. I don’t know many people would have even noticed that the US Open is apparently currently happening in New York, but some jackasses in the stands were beating on each other and that shit made YouTube. Luckily, the clip doesn’t involve any actual watching of tennis. In the footage, a woman gets all up in a guy’s face because he, like most of New York at any given time, is loudly dropping “f-bombs” all over the place. Hey, homeboy had money on the match.

Then the guy and the woman bitch at each other some more. Then some old dude that’s apparently the lady’s dad hops in, making that old man gesture for “I want to strangle you, theatrically.” This lasts for about 3 seconds until Cranky Old Man falls over a few rows of seats in his asphyxiation attempt. You can watch the whole saga, which by the way occurred during a match between Novak Djokovic of Serbia and Philipp Petzschner of Germany, below.