Matt Damon Is Happy To Be Married To A ‘Civilian’

Elysium Matt Damon

Matt Damon is quite content being married to a “civilian.”

The Elysium star said that photographers hoping for a million-dollar shot are going to be greatly disappointed with what they uncover. According to Damon, he’s just a middle-aged father trying to live a quiet life with his family.

“I got lucky. I fell in love with a civilian. Not an actress and not a famous actress at that. Because then the attention doesn’t double — it grows exponentially. Because then suddenly everybody wants to be in your bedroom,” Matt Damon explained to Esquire.

If you’re hoping to catch the actor in a compromising position, then you’re probably going to be extremely disappointed. Damon revealed that he never puts himself in a position to become fodder for the tabloids.

“If I’m not jumping up and down on a bar, or lighting something on fire or cheating on my wife, there’s not really any story to tell. They can try to stake me out, but they’re always going to get the same story — middle-aged married guy with four kids,” Damon said.

When he isn’t safely and discreetly hanging out with his wife and kids, Matt Damon can be found on the big screen. The Good Will Hunting star’s latest effort is a sci-fi tale crafted by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.

The film casts Damon as a man living in a dystopian world who discovers he only has five days to live. The solution to the problem resides on Elysium, a city orbiting the planet that houses the rich and famous. In order to save his own skin, he’ll have to find a way to infiltrate this foreign world.

You can find the latest trailer for Elysium below.

Are you a fan of Matt Damon? What do you think about the actor living a quiet life with his wife and kids?

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