Celine Dion Boosts Canadian Bro With Vegas Strip Assist

Las Vegas

Celine Dion, much like Biggie Smalls before her, is using her star power to bring up her homies from the hood — securing a Vegas strip spot for a fellow Canadian and up and comer Veronic DiCaire.

Celine Dion is now 45, but she’s still not immune to the lure of a good bromance — and when she talks about DiCaire, it definitely seems like she has a strong desire for BFFhood with her protege.

The Vegas diva says that DiCaire is a person with whom she feels a rare affinity, despite having little interest in celeb socializing:

“I’m not looking to make friends in the business because I want to do my job, I want to have a good time and go home to my family … But Veronic – it’s a different scenario. I’m not quite sure why. I want her to be my friend. I love her. I respect her very, very much.”

Dion cites her move to Vegas in 2003 (initially decried by critics as a signal of a flagging career) as a good move and one she wished would work equally well for DiCaire, saying:

“Critics said, `Oh, my God, the Titanic’s going to sink again, she’s going to finish her career here.’ ‘… We took a chance. It worked really well for us … I don’t have to be here. The reason why I’m here is because I’m really enjoying being here.”

Celine also thinks Veronic brings something novel to Vegas’ roster of rotating and resident talent, adding:

“You’ve seen impersonators, you’ve seen men doing women, and women doing men … Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s so exaggerated. We’ve seen it all. With Veronic it’s very, very different.”

Celine Dion and her protege DiCaire have had a long working relationship, and the fellow Quebecoise entertainer jump started her career opening for the songstress back in 2008.