‘The Ring’ Prank Sees Boyfriend Scare Girlfriend With Replica Ghost [Video]

The Ring boyfriend

A boyfriend pulled a harsh but brutally funny prank on his girlfriend that revolved around the Japanese horror movie, The Ring.

James Williams pulled the joke on his unsuspecting girlfriend who had simply dozed off on her sofa. Seizing the moment, he then began to assemble his prank, which he had spent weeks designing and constructing.

Mr Williams built a replica puppet of the ghost, Samara, from the 2002 movie and then placed it over his television set. Before she had even fallen into her slumber, James prepared the prank by telling his girlfriend that he though he “saw a woman standing at the end of our bed in the middle of the night.”

Mr Williams had built his puppet using party balloons, rubber gloves, bubble wrap, brown paper, old clothes, tape, a coat hanger, rubber gloves, and paint, and he spent most of his leisure hours building the beast whilst his girlfriend was out of the house. He even hid it in his attic until the perfect time arrived.

He noted on his YouTube page, “After that I waited for the perfect moment when she would be asleep in front of the TV.” Mr Williams then attached it to his TV and began to control it through the use of two wooden rods that were on the staircase, and he also flashed the lights on and off too.

When his beau awoke she saw the terrifying sight of the ghost and began to scream very loudly. Mr Williams wrote, “I wanted to see how my girlfriend would react to a ghost coming out of the tv trying to grab hold of her. I did it by creating a ghost like puppet that would clamp to the tv screen.”

He then added, “I had to stop her running out the house. She said, ‘my legs went like jelly, I couldn’t really think what was happening but all I knew was that thing just kept coming at me.'”

Mr Williams then concluded, “At the end you see her looking over at it. She was asking, ‘What is it? What is it?’ I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mouth open so wide screaming…”

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