Wearing Short Shorts: School Principal Shames Female Students Over Attire

Chicago, IL – An Illinois school principal faces harsh criticism and threats of dismissal over shaming female students for wearing short shorts.

Susan Josephine Kukielka allegedly singled out at least seven female students for wearing short shorts, so short, that she felt they showed off too much skin – especially for girls their age as Kukielka is the principal of an elementary school.

Decatur Classical School is a selective-enrollment kindergarten through sixth-grade school.

However, parents did not see eye to eye with principal Kukielka’s handling of the short shorts issue.

During an assembly, held on the last day of school, the administrator was quoted as saying, “These are not girls of distinction because their shorts are too short,” reports CBS Chicago.

Those wearing short shorts were given an “award” for their attire and were specifically asked to stand and be recognized for their achievement.

The incident reduced many of the girls to tears. Displeased parents – who perceived the attempt as a means to discipline the girls using public humiliation – deemed the administrator’s actions as unacceptable.

At a school council meeting, following the incident, parents voiced their disapproval and demanded the principal resign.

Members of the school’s Local School Council – a group of parents, teachers and members of the community – said there is no dress code at the school, reports the Sun-Times.

However, announcements over the school’s public address system several days prior noted that shorts should not be higher than the fingertips when the arms are placed straight down the sides of the body.

Principal Kukielka ultimately apologized over the wearing short shorts shaming.

Nationwide, school dress codes are a heavily debated issue. Some have gone to extremes to ban wearing strapless gowns to proms and events, while others are voting in more relaxed guidelines.

What do you think about the ways kids are dressing for school these days? Do you find what they wear inappropriate, or does it even matter so long as they show up and do well in their classes? Do you agree with the principal’s actions in this case, or do you think she went too far?

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