Man’s Legoland Dream Over Before It Begins

Legoland Dream Over - John St Onge

Sixty-three-year-old John St-Onge’s Legoland dream was over before it really began. The Toronto resident and longtime fan of the LEGO brand was denied access to Legoland because he didn’t have a child with him.

The man describes himself as a “LEGO fanatic” who first began buying LEGO sets for his children many years ago.

As his children grew up and found other non-LEGO related interests, John kept his love of the blocks alive and continued to build his own personal LEGO collection.

John’s Legoland dream was over despite his loyalty to the brand, which now includes 75 full LEGO sets that equal nearly 50,000 individual pieces.

Speaking to CTVNews John St-Onge explains his own home as a “LEGO house.”

John enjoys his time with the LEGO’s even more now that he is homebound with health problems that include diabetes, cancer, and recent heart surgery.

St-Onge originally wanted to visit the flagship Legoland location in Denmark, but ,because of health conditions, he was willing to settling for the Vaughan Mills Legoland Discovery Centre at an Ontario tourism center.

John St-Onge saved up for the trip, which he would ultimately take with his daughter Nicole St-Onge. Eventually, they took the three-hour drive only to be turned away at the door.

St-Onge tells CTVNews:

“They wouldn’t let us go in and so we asked to see a manager … Five minutes later the employee came back and said the manager was too busy to see us, but that was their policy, they weren’t allowed in without a child and there was nothing they could do about it.”

Nicole admits that the look on her dad’s face matched that of a disappointed kid who didn’t get what they hoped for at Christmas.

The Legoland dream was over before it began, and John might have known that if he was internet savvy. The Legoland location states on its website that all adults must have a child present to enter the Legoland attraction.

John says his main goal for entering the Legoland location was to take photographs of a Toronto skyline exhibit. John ultimately hoped to build the same skyline at home.

John says he didn’t want to play in the exhibits or go on kids’ rides; he just wanted to admire the masterful creations created out of LEGO.

Legoland marketing manager Lara Hannaford says she would have escorted Mr. St-Onge through the exhibit had she known his circumstances.

Any adults in the same situation as John St-Onge should understand that Legoland does have a once-a-month “adults night” so fans without kids can enjoy the Legoland experience.

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