Trout For Dinner? Man Dives Into Pond, Catches Fish By Hand

Trout For Dinner

When most of us want trout for dinner, we head to a local restaurant or we go fishing with a fishing pole. YouTube user Douglas Owen has a different idea for catching his meals.

In a video posted on July 5, 2013, Douglas asks his wife what she wants to eat, and she says she’ll have trout for dinner.

After the man’s wife requests a rainbow trout, he walks over to their pond, dives in, and second later emerges with a trout in his hand.

After asking if “that will do,” his wife agrees and tells him “to cook it up.”

Just so we’re made aware the couple adds that the camera “adds 40-50 pounds.”

Kidding aside, if this video is real, we have to applaud Douglas Owen for his alpha male status that would make a wild black bear proud.

YouTube users don’t seem to care if the video is real or fake; one of the videos 158,973 viewers comments:

“Fake or not who cares its awesome!”

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